Clicker Dog Training

With clicker dog training you may be amazed at what your dog can learn, grab training tips, and techniques and learn how to use this awesome clicker training method here!

Quite simply, a dog will always learn quickly to the noise of a clicker, especially accompanied by a treat shortly after

The Origin of Clicker Dog Training

For some reason it took clicker dog training a while to fully catch on, and now that it has I’m pleased to report we have a fresh supply of enthusiastic owners and dogs that have the basic commands down pat.

It wasn’t too long ago the only trainers that used a clicker were training whales at Sea World, dogs for the military or field dogs. Then a few resourceful trainers came to recognize clicker dog training as a form of positive reinforcement.

Fast forward and we’re in the midst of a clicker training phenomenon! In the near future I’ll be expanding this section with a few well-written easy to follow articles and informative links that will teach you how to task specific methods of clicker training. So keep checking back and I’ll make sure the new pages and links are easy for you to spot.

In addition, I’ll include a video that will show you how to “charge” the clicker, which is simply introducing the device with treats and creating association in your dog’s mind.

What’s remarkable about clicker dog training is it doesn’t begin with verbal commands! Instead, we actually take “snap shots” of a dogs actions, and the clicker is the camera:) By marking these actions with a “click#quot;, we’re conditioning our pet to the sound of the clicker.

Each time your dog does one of the basic commands on its own, such as lie down, you’ll take a snapshot of this action with a “click”, then acknowledge the action with a treat and tons of love. After a short time your dog will associate the clicker with reward and praise, and we’re on our way! As the clicker dog training progresses, we’ll introduce verbal commands that will eventually replace the clicker.

“This is positive reinforcement at its best”

Dog Training Clickers

This is positive reinforcement at its best and one of the reasons clicker dog training is so effective. The methods you’ll learn are designed to help your dog determine what you want it to do, without physically making it do something.

By learning and discovering that you want a simple sit, stay, down or recall, your dog will be enthusiastic about training. Now with a “click” your pup understands what you want and will aim to please, it’s all so positive.

With clicker dog training you’re going to discover things about your dog that you wouldn’t have with conventional training methods, no matter how positive you tried to make them.

In a short time, you will actually begin to see your dog’s mind working, evaluating the situation and eagerly making the right choice when you give a command. Teaching your dog the basics has never been this much fun.

Another benefit when you click train a dog and what makes it so effective is the consistency factor. In essence, consistency removed any confusion, so your dog becomes clear on the commands.

The clicker makes the same sound every time, when your dog hears this sound, followed immediately with your verbal command, it knows exactly what to do each and every time. In addition, your dog has no hesitation to complete a command, which is another result of the positive reinforcement factor.

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Basic Exercises

Clicker dog training a “sit”.

Okay, so now we have a dog that will eagerly respond to basic commands and we can move forward to some safety training procedures. These are exercises that are intended to teach your dog about things that could be dangerous, and then learn commands that will keep him, or her out of harms way. You certainly don’t want your dog chasing a squirrel into the street, so you’ll want to teach a “stop”, or “down” while away. Clicker dog training is a way to build these types of commands into your dog’s vocabulary.

If you’re new to training, or you’d just like to be sure about things, you can always enlist the services of a trainer that’s experienced with clicker dog training methods. This would be helpful if you’re raising a family dog and certainly helpful if you’re training a working breed for the field, or a service dog. In addition, if you’re working with a rescue dog, getting the animal accustomed to the clicker might require some professional expertise. Of course, it all begins with the basics, spot a “desired action and click”, simple as pie:)

If you’re at wits end an experienced trainer will have tips for moving things along in a direction that will lead to the next phase of your dog’s training.

Clicker Dog Training Overview

Click and reward is the basis of clicker dog training. This technique was first used as positive reinforcement to train animals such as whales and dolphins. Clicker training does not begin with verbal commands, we as trainers see a desired action and mark it with a “click”. What’s amazing is with this simple technique we’re conditioning our dogs and they don’t even know it 🙂 A simple click, positive praises and reward in most cases results in a enthusiastic happy animal that learns new commands very quickly.

Give this training style a shot and you may just be amazed what your dog can learn, I guarantee it:) And don’t miss the “How-To” articles we’ve written following the links provided on our dog training tips main page. I look forward to hearing about your clicker dog training experiences. Knowing you and your dog are happy and communicating is part of my own training reward. And please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like any additional information on this amazing training method.