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Our dog behavior and training library is your online source for access to our awesome collection of training guides that will help solve a a multitude of dog behavioral issues!

Dog Behavior and Training Plus..

Understanding how dogs think & nuisance issues like separation anxiety – All your dog barking issues – Bad habits – Alpha & Beta dog behavior – and more can be found on this page. Either by “In Context” links or via our “Related Articles” section in the right column. (Mobile users scroll down to get there)

Dog Behavior

When it comes to dog behavior and training knowledge is power. If you could get into the mind of your dog would you agree you’d have an advantage when dealing with nagging bad dog behavior? Exactly! And the exact reason our understanding dog behavior article is a must read.

After gaining valuable insight into the mind of dog and understanding how they’re wired, we recommend you follow up with dog behavior training for a quick refresher on behavior modification training techniques

Bad Behavior Habits

Just like many of you, I’ve gone nuts trying to correct bad habits with a certain few dogs over my lifetime. Thinking back, issues like dog separation anxiety were always a challenge so I added an article to help solve this problem here.

Of course not all issues we’ll experience over the years as dog owners will be as complicated. More common bad behavior habits like pulling on lead have been added for those struggling with similar issues.

Your Dog have you barking mad?

There are seven separate articles in our stop dog barking, why? Because we’ called on often about dog barking issues and interestingly, there are many different reasons a dog barks. There wasn’t a simple answer to help all situations so it just made sense to put in the extra effort and address each one.

OF INTEREST: All seven of our dog barking articles can be applied to any behavior that’s associated with the cause. Meaning, if your dog acts out from boredom by digging rather than barking, the same dog behavior and training techniques will work!

Our stop dog barking articles include..
[Excited Barking] – [Begging Barking] – [Protective Barking] – [Fear Barking] – [Boredom Barking] – [Barking at People] – [Puppy Barking].