Working Dog Training

Working Dog Training

Dogs with jobs? Absolutely and our working dog training articles will provide a great foundation to get you going!

Working Dog Training And Jobs For Dogs

Working dogs are in one word, AWESOME! The fact that a dog’s natural instincts can be honed so that it can herd a running flock of Sheep is pretty amazing. But to train a dog to sniff out a seizure before it happens is a concept that is almost unfathomable. And the thousands of people that rely on working dogs to better their life astounds me. What a gift we’ve been given!

While I don’t personally employ working dog training often, I can tell you that the foundation rests on many dog training fundamentals and that training is similar on many levels. The exception being that more time is taken to develop a specific “task associated”set of skills. For this reason and the fact that working dogs are just plain incredible, we’ve added this particular section to our website.. hope you enjoy:)

For each working dog category, and we did not list them all, you’ll receive a brief summary of with a link that will bring you to a specific article for that task. Also, we’ve listed all of our dog working dog training articles in the right column under the “Additional Training Tips” heading. (Mobile users scroll down this page to view the right column)

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Let’s get going with that task training!

Service Dogs:
Service dogs are also know as assistance dogs and they’re specifically trained to support people with disabilities both mental and physical. The term “Service Dog” is also often loosely used by some to categorize Police, Military Dogs and more.

Most breeds are capable of service dog training yet the individual dog being considered should show desirable traits such as calm disposition, even temperament, eagerness to train and patience. Your service dog canididate should also be in excellent physical condition and good health.

While any breed or mixed breed will do, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds & Labrador Retrievers are most commonly tapped for service and working dog training. While numerous classifications all fall under the broad term “Service Dog”, with much of the basic required training being similar, advanced training techniques vary by specialty.

Therapy Dogs:
Extremely socialized and a friendly, therapy dogs are conditioned to accept all who approach and ignore distractions to provide comfort and gentle companionship to people. Ironically, therapy dog training can be intense as we must condition our dog to ignore distractions and accept all stimulus without worry. We employ therapy dog training to achieve a trust level that is guaranteed in any day-to-day situation. Learn more..

Search and Rescue Dogs:
Amazingly, dogs can detect a millionth of a particle and with search and rescue dog training, we can use this amazing sense to find whatever we’re looking for! Search and Rescue (SAR) dog training is also a great way to improve obedience skills, strengthen the bond with your dog and have fun while providing physical and mental stimulation by playing hide & seek training games.

Search and rescue dog training most commonly uses “reward” & “praise” positive techniques to reinforce your dog’s natural ability to key in on and track a scent. Read more..

Hunting Dogs & Bird Dogs:
Hunting and bird dogs are often chosen of a breed belonging to the sporting group. Breeds such as Setters, Pointers, Retrievers , Spaniels and most varieties of Hounds are all great choices for hunting dog training. While natural instinct and centuries of selective breeding have sharpened the hunting skills of these breeds, the sport is not exclusive to purebred dogs and certain mixed breeds can perform admirably in the field. Continue reading about hunting dog training here.

Personal Protection Dogs:
Protection dogs are typically trained and conditioned with correction reinforcement, often using Shutzhund techniques. This training method can be extreme to a novice trainer. Any high energy breed with aggressive characteristics will be a good candidate for protection dog training. However, protection work is a “high stress” job and it’s so proper temperament is critical. You can pay up to seventy five thousand dollars for an executive level personal protection dog!

Guard Dogs:
Interested in a guard dog for safekeeping of home or valuables? Guard dog training is intense and many are wrong thinking that guard dogs make good family pets. They don’t! Need a little more info than just my word? We didn’ sugar coat our guard dog training article and includes more specific details on these incredible yet dangerous canines.


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